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Crimea is Ukraine: Rally In Vancouver on March 2, 2014

Sofiya Pylypenko (Vancouver)

Initiated by Svitlana Besaga, yet another rally took place at Vancouver Art Gallery on March 2nd. This time the Ukrainian community of Vancouver united under the motto “Crimea is Ukraine” to express the support of Crimea and to call for serious measures by the international community in order to put an end to Russian invasion.

This Sunday, an unprecedented number of media representatives attended the rally. Among others, reporters from CKNW News, CBC News, ICI Radio Canada та Vancouver Sun were present at the rally.

We thank Nadia Stefyn for consistently building the connections with local media and coordinating numerous interviews!

The rally was attended by many and showed that Ukrainian community of Vancouver is deeply concerned by the current situation in Ukraine. Concerned, but not scared. During the past three months Ukrainians have demonstrated remarkable strength and courage. Ukrainians proved that our nation cannot be conquered!

It was particularly pleasant to see that the rally once again united the Ukrainian community and helped to find new members – as of today ‘Ukrainians in Vancouver’ Facebook group has close to 750 members.

Thank you for your support!

In the meanwhile, we continue to closely watch the developments in Ukraine.

Photo courtesy of Oleksandr Kovalenko

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