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Bake korovais!

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Let’s remember… Lyonya, you went to the same kindergarten with my husband, then – to the same school, even to the same class… Then – our crazy youth. You worked as a lighting technician in a culture house, and we used to gather in a booth under the ceiling to watch “Smerichka” concerts. I would excitedly shout out of the narrow window “bravo!” Yaremchuk. And you’d say, “Hush, because I’ll lose my job!” You had a wonderful girlfriend – my namesake… We were united by something strong and rebellious… Humane! And now, Lyonya, you live in a state that has come to kill our children, women, and me, and you order: “Bake korovais!” Well, God knows, no one wanted to… But we bake. With free meat. We don’t even try it ourselves, because it makes us sick. 4,300 “liberators” killed so far…

They say that your idol has already put nuclear weapons on alert. Of course, he’ll rot in a bunker, but where, with whom, with what conscience will you smoulder should you survive?

February 27 at 17:03

Ukrainian Text by Raisa Plotnikova, translated into English by Ukrainianvancouver team – Mar 04, 2022

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