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Army, language, faith

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Army, language, faith.

I tell you, dear sirs and ladies, that the re-Ukrainization that we started in 2014 is the best thing that we have done. Today, after standing for a day at the checkpoint, I felt it up to the hilt.

You stop the car, the window comes off and the most often to hear is:

- Glory to Ukraine!

- Glory to the heroes!

You ask:

- Who is Putin?

- Huilo! [swear word which literally means “dickhead” – Ed.]

And the last test:

- Repeat this: "Who has a gun in his hands, he has beer and palyanitsa" [russian-speaking people cannot pronounce it without an accent – Ed.]

People smile and respond.

And there are also cute and painful moments. Just went to the car and from there immediately:

- Palyanitsa, nezalezhnist' [independence – Ed], rushnits'a [hunting gun – Ed], Ukrzaliznyts'ya [ukrainian train system – Ed].

And the most "awww" thing: You check documents and hear from the passenger seat:

- I'm your former student.

Most people suddenly perceive such conditions normally - they immediately give documents, answer various insidious questions, and pass a Russian-speaking jaw test. My brothers say, wow, we will soon get rid of surzhik [the mix of Ukrainian and Russian – Ed.]

And there is also the real spirit of Maidan. There are volunteers here to feed us. Just like in 2014. I couldn't resist calling my Maidan sister to hear her voice, which always supported me in those difficult times. We are becoming a nation. We will still have many difficult times in our history after our final victory over Muscovy. But we are firmly on this path.

Glory to the Nation! Death to the enemy!

February 26 at 21:44 ·(9:44pm)

Ukrainian Text by Ivan Khomyak. Translated into English by Ukrainianvancouver team – Mar 08, 2022

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