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Ariadna Ochrymovych presents Holodomor: Voices of Survivors

On October 18, the Toronto-based director of ‘Holodomor: Voices of Survivors’ Ariadna Ochrymovych will be presenting her new documentary at the Ukrainian Society of Ivan Franko in Richmond.

The 30-minute educational documentary features personal stories of Holodomor survivors who now reside in Canada. These stories were gathered from a series of interviews that Ariadna conducted over the past few years. Several of the Holodomor survivors living in Vancouver will be attending the screening.

Please come and join the discussion.

A preview of the documentary is available here.

The screening will take place at 5311 Francis Road, Richmond on October 18 at 2pm.

Admission is by donation.

Holodomor - voices of survivors
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