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Another story that devastates you from the inside out

In Tallinn, a group of activists protested at the Russian embassy in Estonia for the third day, - Estonian television ERR

Yesterday I received a message from the one I was looking for in all group chats of Kharkiv.

My Liuba. A person I’ve known for 10 years now.

Her story is one of many others. Her story is one of those that devastate you from the inside out.

I feel unbearable pain writing it.

Liuba is 29. She’s lived with her mother for all her life. Her mom has been bedridden for the last 3 years.

When the war broke out, Liuba did not evacuate, since no one agreed to help take her mother out.

A few days later, when their house had already had a hole after the hit, three scums got into their apartment.

I can’t call them humans…

They took out the food that was there, and one of them stayed.

Liuba survived stupration.

It was impossible to call the police. And then he just smashed her phone.

Liuba, my beauty, who never cries, burst into tears.

This scum was raping Liuba for more than a week.

And then he began to confess his great love to her and said that he wanted to send her away from the war.

Liuba refused, saying that her mother was ill, she would not leave her.

And then this shit, in front of a fragile woman, shot a feeble old lady.

God, I’m writing this, and I can’t perceive it. I try to keep a cool head going through every single story so as not to go crazy, but not this one. This one’s personal. It hurts…

My dear Liuba… Now she is already on her way to a rehabilitation centre, from where she will go further abroad. But I can’t stop crying.

Die, you beasts!

Vira Khvust

April 1 at 11:28 p.m.

Read the original text here

Ukrainian Text by Vira Khvust, translated into English by Ukrainianvancouver team — Apr 12, 2022

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