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All those people I love

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

The woman with her son, who gave her last bottle of water to an old man.

The gray beard, who gave all his 400.000 ₴ to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The woman from my house who checks it for artillery marks.

The journalist who worked 24/7 until her house was destroyed by a rocket.

The female volunteer, who came across the city under shelling, and broke down the wall of someone’s flat to rescue a cat.

The doctor in the bomb shelter, who said: ”You did very well, it is a boy”.

The man who burst into tears when the bus with his family left, and he remained standing at the Lviv railway station

The little boy whose parents host displaced people: “Let’s play quietly because they came from the war and need to have a rest”

The woman who gave up her bed in the bomb shelter because: “I can still sit for a while”.

Those Kherson residents who came to their square with Ukrainian flags [while occupants wanted to make a video about their fake victory — Ed]

The one who wrote in the house chat: “Break down the door of my flat, there is a bag of potatoes on the balcony, take everything.”

The one who bakes bread at home and distributes it to neighbours.

Those (who) buy baby food because they know that a child lives in their house.

Those who wiped their hands off setting up a bomb shelter for others, and at the end of the day did not have enough time to evacuate their own family.

Those who hug evacuees from other cities and just keep quiet next to them.

Those who want but don’t cry out loud on a crowded train, so that other people can hold on too.

The one who writes posts about how to make sanitary pads and where it is better to hide in the flat.  

The one who sank his ship so that the enemy wouldn’t get it.

Those who kept their stores and pharmacies open.

Those who left money for water in the supermarket refrigerator because there were no sellers.

The one who died so that the enemy would not seize the nuclear power plant.

The mom from the Kharkiv basement who says: “We’re doing fine, just don’t worry, okay?”  

Those people

That woman

That man

I’ve always heard that love never stops. But now I know for sure.

I love you.

And it won’t stop.

March 4 at 22:34  ·

Ukrainian Text by Marharyta Tulup. Translated into English by Ukrainianvancouver team – Mar 08, 2022at

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