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Aim it at the enemy

In the feed, one political scientist tells a story about how he learned that some girls on a nearby street provided sexual services to the occupiers. He was wondering whether to shave their heads after release, as the French did after the Second World War.

But this Mister Political Scientist knows this from the words of a neighboring old man.

And the old man himself — from those of one of the occupiers.

And here it is necessary to provide a short explanation. The French consider this experience to be their national disgrace. And not because it’s wrong to insult women. There is a number of other factors.

Firstly, during the war, only the one who witnessed the whole, so to say, the process can be clearly convinced that this particular lady slept with the occupier for money or some other things, and not out of coercion. Because, you know, when a big guy with a machine gun comes to your house and says “Suck my…!”, it’s quite hard to refuse. A dialogue like, “I’m sorry, I’m married — Well, all right, never mind,” may not work out in such times. An old man who retold the story from the words of the occupier is not quite a reliable source. Anyone can be slandered that way.

Secondly, the French know very well that the people who shaved women’s heads were anyone but the fighters of the Resistance. Most of them were neighbors who were afraid to even fart in the presence of the Germans. And as soon as the Germans left, all the accumulated rage was poured out on the poor women — both on those who were really with the Germans and on those who were just suspected on the basis of an argument like “François said so.” François often said simply because he did not get laid by Adele.

Thirdly, all those who cleaned the occupiers’ shoes, baked bread for them, and sold them cigarettes not only escaped similar punishment but often took part in those shaving procedures.

Therefore, I humbly beg you to not even discuss inflicting such shame on the Ukrainian people. Full of anger? Aim it at the enemy. Are you afraid of the enemy? Calm down. We have someone to fight.

March 26 at 12:00 am

Ukrainian Text by Victor Tregubov, translated into English by Ukrainianvancouver team – Mar 27, 2022

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