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About liberation

The neighboring villages of Sloboda and Lukashivka were liberated.

Baba Galka received a call from her sister in Lukashivka, Baba Lida, with this news.

Well, the old ladies cried all their eyes out.

“And you bid farewell to me, Lida… See how life turned out…” Baba Galka rubbed her wet eyes with her twisted, hard-working hands. “I’ll see you soon. On Easter, Lida…”

“Oh, I don’t have any more strength, Galia,” Baba Lida wept into the phone and rubbed her nose with the tip of a handkerchief. “Maybe I won’t make it till then…”

“What are you talking about?” Baba Galka stopped weeping for a moment. “You were always stupid, of course. Why else would they even liberate you?”

And that’s what caused the quarrel between the two elderly sisters. Just like the last 75 years: because of differences between their world-views and ways of life. Some time till evening.

And Ivan, for the occasion of a victorious offensive made by our troops, took out a strategic reserve from behind Barsik’s kennel — half a liter of pre-war vodka. He took a sip, sniffed his sleeve, and lit a cigarette. The rest is for Victory Day.

Then, the old man turned around and went to the neighbor’s fence to tell the happy news to the Kovelkys, who at the beginning of the war told him that “It’s not so black and white” and “That’s not war”.

Just at that time, the wife was carrying a jar of pickles from the cellar.

“Heard the news already?” — Ivan looked out over the fence and solemnly announced in a narrator’s voice, “We’re liberated! They’re kicking those devils out! Those who are still alive. We’re liberated, and it is black and white this time! Now, our people said that everyone will have their names on the list… near… near the gates…” He spitted. “Every bastard will be put on the list! And it is black and white with them! And that’s it! That’s the end for them! Say goodbye to your cow!”

She shrieked. Then, she ran into the house. The brine from the broken jar was running over the sprouting grass.

Old Ivan went into the house with a sense of accomplishment.

The mood was getting better.

I wish every day would bring such good news.

About liberation.

March 31 at 9:37 p.m.

Ukrainian Text by Svitlana Yaremchuk. Translated into English by Ukrainianvancouver team — Apr 4, 2022

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