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A war for our future…

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

At first, Putin wanted to capture us quickly. He didn’t succeed. Now he wants to destroy us.

What is happening now is not just a war for our future. No, this is also the war for the destruction of Russia, which Putin himself started. And he loses the war. The whole world united against him. He has already brought sanctions, economic collapse, disconnection from SWIFT, restrictions on the use of Western technologies and exclusion from international organizations, rising prices and the collapse of the ruble upon Russia. And he brought death to Russia. After all, mothers will bury their children, sent to fight in Ukraine by Putin. There are already thousands of them. And there will be tens of thousands. Much more coffins than the USSR received from Afghanistan. Russia is becoming a rogue state. And the credit goes to the same Putin.

But it would be dishonest not to mention his other accomplishments. Ukraine must thank him. And here’s why. It was due to Putin’s actions in Crimea in 2014 that Ukraine began to change its attitude towards Russia. From a state with long-time Russophile traditions, Ukraine has shifted to the anti-Russian stands. It was the annexation of Crimea and the occupation of Donbas that contributed to this. We began to truly appreciate and love Ukraine. We have learned to protect it. And we raised our army, which has toughened up in the war against Russian mercenaries and invaders. This is how Putin changed the vector of Ukraine. And now they are ready to accept us in the EU. I can say that if it had not been for the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it would not have happened quite soon. Talks would have taken place, but the process itself… And now we are half a step away from accession. Even the part of the population that until recently was in the arms of the Russian Federation has changed. Now, even for them, Russia is clearly the enemy. There certainly are mankurts (traitors), but there are so few of them that they have simply become marginal garbage and no longer affect the general mood. Putin must thank himself for all this. In general, if one has delusions in his head, then he acts just as delusionally. And everything turns out the other way around. Like Putin now.

We are now fighting for our right to live in an independent and free Ukraine. We pay for it with our lives and health, our homes and our usual rhythm of life. We will live on our God-given land. This is our right and our desire. And we have already shown that we know how to defeat those whose quantitative, military and financial potential is far beyond ours. We did not allow Putin to implement a blitzkrieg. We are burning his equipment and crushing his troops. We are shooting down his helicopters and planes. And he, in response, acting like a dirty scoundrel and coward, is firing rockets at kindergartens and maternity hospitals, residential areas and central squares of our cities. He is doing so in powerless rage and anger, frantically copying what Hitler did. But now it’s Putler.

Anyway, we will stand and win. And Putin… He will end up like Hitler. At best, for him. But I would prefer the court. It’s like what happened in Nuremberg in 1945 – 1946. And I would very much like to see Lavrov, Medvedev, Zakharov, Skabeeva, Solovyov, Kotz, Tereshkova, Zhirinovsky, Lukashenko and all the other filth that has cultivated racism and ignited the fires of war for all those years there. And I hope that they will receive a well-deserved sentence, not an easy death from the poison. These criminals must be punished. So it will be. In the meantime, we need to destroy as many occupiers as possible and save as many lives of our citizens as possible – with faith in the Armed Forces, in ourselves and in Ukraine.

We simply have no right not to win. 

Therefore, we shall win. 


Glory to Ukraine!

Russian Text by Borislav Bereza, translated into English by Ukrainianvancouver team – Mar 04, 2022

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