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Why aren’t we nervous? Reflections of Amateurs

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

As a matter of fact, there is no panic in Ukraine, and this is good news. Still, everyone feels rather off. Thus, we decided to understand why we shouldn’t worry and found at least 10 reasons for staying calm.

Kapranov brothers

1. The Ukrainian army has been fighting for many years, it is numerous, battle-hardened, and ready for combat. The Russian army has no real combat experience because Russia always used to rely on mercenaries.

2. We have a huge reserve of battle-tested and combat-ready soldiers, who will join the Armed Forces very soon. Moscow has no combat-ready reserves.

3. The Ukrainian military forces are highly motivated. The Russian military is demotivated, and the wars are won not by weapons, but by the will of soldiers — extremely motivated soldiers.

4. The Armed Forces have been fighting in Donbass for eight years, they know every corner of the land, every stone, and every bush. Breaking through such a meticulously prepared defence will be extremely difficult and costly for the aggressor.

5. The Armed Forces are equipped with so many anti-tank weapons that taking Kyiv from the north is currently impossible. So the citizens of the capital should calm down, and the Armed Forces will calm down “Batka” (the Belarusian dictator), if he decides to make a move.

6. We have the anti-Putin coalition at our side, which will continue providing military, political, financial support and the Lend-Lease policy.

7. The only advantages of Moscow are missiles and aircraft, but they cannot be used to destroy the Armed Forces. Our soldiers have extensive experience of fighting in small mobile groups, avoiding clusters that are usually good targets for enemy missiles.

8. A missile strike on infrastructure — power plants, dams, bridges — is theoretically possible, but it will do minimal damage to the Armed Forces, which have an operational reserve of resources. Therefore, even in this case, the enemy will not be able to achieve significant progress.

9. And a possible shelling of infrastructure will provoke such a powerful international answer that Moscow will collapse under the weight of its own problems.

10. Ukrainians traditionally mobilize and unite under pressure — this is our national trait. In a sense, the current crisis is good for us — both as a nation and a state. Even our politicians become patriots under such a responsibility.


The enemy bets on our fear and panic. So, the best thing we can do is continue working as always, go to theatres, watch movies, buy books, dine in restaurants and cafés, learn how to shoot, how to fight in the Territorial Defence Forces — in short, we should stick to the traditional Cossack lifestyle, the way our ancestors did for hundreds and hundreds of years, the way they taught us to live. Being a Cossack is not about wearing “oseledets” (our traditional haircut) — it is about being ready to take up arms.

Ukrainian Text by Kapranov brothers, translation in English by Ukrainianvancouver team – Mar 02, 2022

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