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We have never seen Kyiv like this before

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

We have never seen Kyiv like this before. The streets are deserted as if in mist. Only an echo, that spreads separate distant explosions or gunshots, breaks the dense silence. Life is hushed, concentrated, out of sight. But it goes on!

The world is reaching out its arms to Ukraine. The world is energizing us with optimism and faith in a happy end to this mad putin's gambit . Evil must be punished!

I am communicating with many countries in Europe and around the world today. The Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Canada, the USA. Ukrainians abroad are making waves among the public in their countries, coming out to rallies, actively speaking in the media, creating Committees to help Ukraine.

A European branch of the World Congress of Ukrainians (ECU) was established with its center in Prague. The activities of all organizations are coordinated with the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

One could say that Putin's evil has awakened an immense global resistance - and it will surely yield its results!

In the meantime, everything depends on these dramatic days, on the coordinated actions of our army, special police units, territorial defense forces, on the discipline and endurance of civilians.

Ukraine is indestructible!

The Lord and the Mother of God are with us!

27 Feb at 11:46

Ukrainian Text by Anatolii Matviichuk, Singer, poet, composer, publicist. People’s Artist of Ukraine. Translated into English by Ukrainianvancouver team – Mar 05, 2022

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