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Ukrainian Russian war Part 2

Author: Kyrylo “Lirik”


[All the events described in this Telegram channel were experienced by me/my brothers/friends whom I know. Some callsigns/names/names/dates have been changed for obvious reasons.

This is not a dramatic book, but the story of real people who have forever written their exploits in history!

Enjoyable reading!]


February 21, 2022

Pavlopil village

Recognition of "LDNR" by the Russian Federation.

In fact, at that moment I didn't quite understand what it was leading to. I thought it was another political game and another lever of influence.

It seemed to me that in this way the Russian Federation wants to introduce more forces to create further provocations.

America has been shouting about the approaching offensive and actions under a "foreign flag" for days.

We did not rely much on the mass media, because the information was very different and not accurate.

There was also information that people were being deported en masse to Russia because of the "threat of an attack from Ukraine."

The movement of equipment to the border and closer to the demarcation line began.

February 22, 2022

Pavlopil village

At 6:00 a.m., they opened fire on us with 120-mm and 82-mm mortars.

It was the first targeted attack since the beginning of the rotation.

We were shelled with +- 7 mines of each caliber.

Smashed the kitchen and cut the communication line.

During the day, non-aimed fire was opened from AGS and PKM.

This was something new, because usually the enemy was tiptoeing.

They didn't have to wait for our answer :)

February 24, 2022

Around 5:00

Pavlopil village

"Grad" worked for us. +20 shells flew at our position.

They knocked out the light, but the total damage was well under 120 mm.

I went online and saw this appeal by P. about the start of a special operation. I understood that the worst-case scenario comes into action...

Reminded the personnel of the defensive plan, what I wanted to see from them, and how to react in different situations.

Maximum composure is the most important thing in such a situation.

He checked the first-aid kits, and ammunition, and gave the command to take up firing positions.

In case of detection of the enemy, it was necessary to report and open fire on command.

At 6:30 the mortars started working.

Communication was heavily jammed, it was almost impossible to find out the general situation.

For about an hour, he tried to get in touch via phone, Motorola, and other means of communication, but nothing reached the command.

Alarming suitcases were packed, documents were piled up. Personnel in firing positions.

Everyone is waiting for the continuation…

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Stanislav Nastenko
Stanislav Nastenko
12 de jan. de 2023

I would not call this war "Ukrainian". It is Russian war in Ukraine.

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