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Dear Proud, Great, Courageous and Wise Ukrainians.

It is already the eighteenth day of the Moscow war! We start every day and night, morning and evening with hope and questions “How is the front?”, “How many of these damned enemies did our fertile raw land accept?”, “How many Heroes did we lose?”… When will we finally be kicking them out to Moscow on the roads where the Cossacks of the Hetmans Sahaidachny or Vyhovsky did the same thing a few centuries ago!

In short, the topic of the day is “War and Victory”

Military war is always brutal. In this case, it results in the most obvious occupation, and behind it there is loss of the land, the state, and often millions of lives. That is why military war is brutal!

But there is also a soft war. This is a covert, veiled, indirect war. Therefore, very often the “unconscious” ones think of it indifferently…! Therefore, for the enemy, it often takes many years (perhaps several centuries) to overcome this frontline.

This is a soft war:

- for our language and our alphabet,

- for our church,

- for our national culture,

- for our memory and our Heroes,

- for our newspapers and television,

- for our theatres,

- for the day of birth of your country and our nation,

- for your name (for example, Rus’ was stolen from Ukrainians by Russia) and inheritance.

It can be named with one word — the national Spirit which very clearly and firmly forms your senses-coordinates of the world around you, where you, your children, your grandchildren live, a total number (hopefully) of 42 million living in Ukraine and 23 million Ukrainians living abroad.

Many have said that those who have been losing such soft wars for decades and hundreds of years probably had already lost the war for State, Nation, and Land.

Catherine II, a “great expert on Moscow’s colonization,” wrote in this regard, “Once there is no Hetman in Little Russia, we must try to make the age and the name of Hetman disappear. The people, as long as it keeps the faith, language, customs… — can not be considered subdued.”

A few days ago, I listened to the “blessing” of two Moscow priests: the older and the younger ones. In their own way, each one loudly blessed the Moscow war with Ukraine and abundantly sprinkled holy water on Russian army and Russian weapons. And these are the servants of God, the leaders of Moscow church, who claim to be the Third Rome???

This is insanity and complete inadequacy as opposed to conscience and reason. Nothing divine or worldly here!!!

Today, when the Moscow war is going on, when the feelings of service to the Conscience are sharpened, I think today is the best time to finish the process of creation of the United Local Orthodox Church of Ukraine!

Dear Ukrainians, today we have reached that point of relations with the Russian Orthodox Church when every faithful to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate must do or, more precisely, is obliged to do a worthy act of their own Conscience — to pledge allegiance to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine of the Kyiv Patriarchate.

This is the choice of each of you.

You are free people.

Today Ukraine is waiting and will properly appreciate your step of conscience.

May the Lord God help you to do this.

Glory to Ukraine!

P.S. “Ukraine starts with you” — that’s what Viacheslav Chornovil used to say in such situations.

By the way, yesterday the Russian Orthodox Church in Amsterdam became the first Western church to announce the severance of its relations with the Moscow Patriarchate due to Russia’s war against Ukraine.

A worthy example.


March 14, 14:00

Ukrainian Text by Viktor Yushchenko, the third President of Ukraine. Translated into English by Ukrainianvancouver team – Mar 25, 2022

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