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There is no people out of politics

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

This text is not just for Ukrainians (they don't need any clarifications), that's why it's originally in Russian.

Eight years ago when some girls I knew, the sincere Ukrainians, cryingly spoke about people around who were "out of politics".

Why they are such vatnics*" - they desperately asked me. And I told myself: "There is no reason to worry about it because there will be enough war for everyone!"

And during the eight years of undeclared war, I saw how Ukrainianization was slowly, almost imperceptibly, changing people.

The shelling of Ukrainian cities explosively intensified this process. The way it was foreseen by smart Portnikov, — the heaviest shellfire fell upon the most pro-Russian cities. The war on the streets of their native cities helped to Ukraine the most close-minded vatnics. And here they are now: a most fundamentally Russian-speaking volunteer, a doctor, a poet — they speak Ukrainian, they neither talk about friendship with the Russian Federation, nor about capitulation, but about protecting their children, their cities; and my friends, whose social media avatars didn’t have the national flag at a prosperous time, have them now, realizing that now it is really far more dangerous.

But we are roll-calling: we are alive, and we are Ukraine. And we shall win.

* vatnic (slang) — a follower of propaganda from the Russian government (Wikipedia).

Translated into English by Ukrainianvancouver team – Mar 04, 2022

This text is not just for Ukrainians (they don’t need any clarifications), that’s why it’s originally in Russian.

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