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Théâtre la Seizième: an Ukrainian tells its incredible story in Moi, dans les ruines rouges du siècl

Théâtre la Seizième, media release

Théâtre la Seizième will present soon Moi, dans les ruines rouges du siècle, a wonderful play based on the life of Ukrainian actor Sasha Samar. Produced in Montreal, the play has won the critics award and have been praised by audiences. It was presented at the National arts Centre in Ottawa a few weeks ago.

The play follows the story of Sasha, born in Ukraine in 1969, as the world around him keep changing rapidly. He’ll experience the arrival of television, Nadia Comaneci’s rise to fame, the Summit Series, the Chernobyl’s events, and the end of the Soviet bloc.

I thought this story would be of particular interest for your community. The play is in French, but it will be offered with English surtitles on November 12-16, 2013 on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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