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Our Kyiv

Our golden, majestic, ancient and native Kyiv.

That’s what the damn Moscow horde makes to you.

It wants to mutilate, intimidate, humiliate, kill you.

This morning began with a heartache. The Russian Fascist missiles hit the house and killed two people. But it’s not just a house. It would seem no more than a box, but no. Every house is something more — it’s life, destiny, laughter, joy, sorrow, tears, love.

It does not deserve to be destroyed. Just like our Kyiv.

The horde wants to intimidate, drive the people of Ukraine out of their homes, destroy our culture and language, trample on history and the present.

The world must understand that Ukraine has been the core of civilization since the days of Kyivan Rus. The destruction of Kyiv, Kharkiv or Chernihiv is the destruction of the very core of the civilized world.

In turn, the cursed Muscovite horde is a dead end of the world, its swamps and darkness. Its doom. Therefore, Muscovy itself should not exist.

Today, Moscow repeats the horrors of 20-30-40s years of the last century. History is cyclical if it is not taught or changed. If you do not eradicate the evil that has lurked and is just waiting to stab you in the back…


Kyiv is alive and will live as it has lived for more than 1,500 years. With the Golden Gate, Saint Sophia Cathedral, Saint Michael’s Golden-Domed Cathedral or even this house, similar to thousands of others in the city.

The Fate will have its revenge, cursed and God-forgotten horde! Moscow will fall and return to its root — a dirty swamp somewhere in the north, where frogs croak and no signs of life are in sight.

March 14, 9:22

Ukrainian Text by Andrij Smolij. Translated into English by Ukrainianvancouver team – Mar 25, 2022

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