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Not to forget

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

I decided to write down some memoirs and thoughts about the war again. Not to forget. And now you see, it could come in handy. Then there was a lecture on survival in extreme situations. Ah, I forgot. Again the air alarm and again sat in the bomb shelter. I saw my old English teacher there.

I’m tired of watching videos with corpses. I wonder how many enemy soldiers must die to be overthrown from our land. He did not change his mind about the president. I have too many questions. But now he is coping with his role. It’s good. Analysis of mistakes will be after the war. After the victory.

Our people are working hard to win. Although in the rear. My friends have already delivered a lot of equipment to the front. Jeeps, ATVs, and even trucks. I am generally silent about smaller things. I am worried about my friends who are close to the front. Especially for those who are silent. Sorry Dreams, but let’s rebuild. I think that the story of the Kyiv pilot who shot down more than 20 planes is a myth. But this is a good myth. For me, this is the collective image of all our defenders of the sky. I think many myths will appear now. Funny and heroic. And many myths will come true. By the way, he also dumped money on the army. However, not all. Before this invasion, he bought the book entitled “We Were Soldiers”. Good book. I hope our warriors will also write such. And we will make films based on them…

Translated into English by Ukrainianvancouver team – Mar 04, 2022

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