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Mariupol Chronicles, Part 3

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

When we get through all this, I will definitely write about how scary it is to live inside a war. About different people and situations, about how everything changes instantly and everything unimportant is reduced to nearly nothing.

Only the essential remains. It turns out there are not so many important things. This is your life, the life of your loved ones, friends, people who are nearby. This is your house intact, your city not shelled by Grads, your country not tormented and tortured.

It turns out there can be no long-term plans. And you need to live for the day. Making a plan for tomorrow is a huge luxury. Having a smartphone, going to a cool resort or buying a new apartment is not what makes a good life. It turns out that all this is also unimportant. As well as the wallet size, some praise at work and the number of likes on FB.

I probably should have guessed earlier. And just live. Enjoy every day and every second. Enjoy just silence and safety. But all the time I needed something else, all the time something did not suit me, I didn’t like something. I wanted more. I sought for perfect happiness. It turns out we already had it. Just a few days ago.

We are strong. We will stand. Because of the vile tyrant, we have become even stronger. We are united. To win. I know how the beautiful woman Yulia from Lviv worries for Mariupol and Mariupol residents, how Natasha from Dnipro keeps her fingers crossed for each of us, how I read the reports on Kyiv and rejoice at every victory of our army.

It is unusual that our TV channels have united — we are not competitors, we are soldiers of the same army. Surprisingly, there is no ideology other than the ideology of loyalty to Ukraine and the expectation of victory. And the time got stretched out millions of times. It seems that all this did not begin on February 24, but insanely long ago. Although, for us, it really started a long time ago.

I still have something to write about and something to tell. I really want tomorrow to come, a real good morning. For all of us and for Ukraine.

February 26 at 11:42 pm

Russian Text by Nadezhda Sukhorukova, translated into English by Ukrainianvancouver team – Mar 24, 2022

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