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Let’s read Ukrainian

Ksenia Kalugina (Ukraine)

Ksenia Kalugina (Ukraine) Modern globalized world grants people to share national and cultural resources. It is important to take advantage of any opportunity that allows us to get to know the Ukrainian culture. One good way to do this is to read Ukrainian books. Fortunately, Canadians have an opportunity to access books in Ukrainian and Ukrainian books translated to English. There are bookshops in Canada, which sell products of Ukrainian publishers. Canadians may buy Ukrainian books in InfoUkes Bookstore and Koota Ooma Ukrainian Books & Gifts (Toronto); Yevshan Ukrainian Books, Music & Gift Calalog (Kirkland). It is interesting that the publication of Ukrainian literature in English is sometimes conducted in Ukraine (mostly in Lviv in such publishing houses as “Litopys”, “Sribne slovo”, “Spolom”, “Klasyka”, “Kalvariya”, “Piramida”, “Vydavnytstvo Starogo Leva”; there are also two publishing houses in Kyiv, “Mystetstvo” and “Vydavnychy dim Burago”). There are books of separate authors, mostly poets, mono- and bilingual antologies. It is sad that the oldest bookshop in Canada – The Ukrainian Book Store (Edmonton) – was closed in 2012. Canadians may purchase Ukrainian books through the Internet. Most online bookshops geographically situated in Ukraine sell eBooks of native authors. The most popular shops are Bookclub, Bookland. They are useful if you speak Ukrainian. The Electronic Library of Ukrainian Literature provides free access to electronic texts of Ukrainian literature to readers. These texts are often difficult to obtain outside Ukraine. The Electronic Library of Ukrainian Literature presents a comprehensive bibliography of Ukrainian literature in English by Marta Tarnawsky, a journal “Ukrainian Literature” and other translations of the finest works of Ukrainian literature. You can learn more by visiting their web site. To contribute the interchange of scientific texts between Ukrainians and Canadians there is the powerful center of Ukrainian Studies in Canada. It is called the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies. The Institute subsidizes the publication of English-language books of Ukrainian authors. Canadians can find news about Ukrainian books published and books are going to be published on sites Kassiopeya (, Bukvoid (http://bukvoid.с, Vsiknygy ( or on this site in the category “Books”. So while there are opportunities to access Ukrainian books, let’s read them and learn more and more about Ukrainian culture..

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