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In moral support of Mariupol

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

The barking of dogs is subsiding,

you can hear their pitiful whining,

the pigeons crowded around the tanks,

A duck sat on Kalmius river and felt the warm sun’s rays.

The eighteenth sun over Mariupol is raised.

A ray of light peeks into a burned-out car,

between two houses destroyed by a shell.

At school windows, pierced with a rifle, so far

In a bus immobilized by enemy hail.

The beam reaches the bombed shop,

glimpses affect an empty house,

There is no turning back

Mariupol stands, holding his wounded back.

It’s eighteen o’clock.

At the sound of the open door from the yard

hungry magpies, sparrows and crows flock.

Seventeenth day: city of sick and proud people.

Mariupol holds the defence and guard

And power that come with a stingy sip of water.

The power from SMS: “Subscriber is appeared».

Save from missiles, bullets and bombs, take away, –

atheists pray, fires are extinguished in despair.

Pray Volyn, Khmelnytsky and Donbas

for Mariupol, surrounded by blood

Chernihiv stands for you, and Kyiv stands for all of us

The apostles Peter and Paul are also in your care, oh God.

Seagulls crowded over the Sea of ​​Azov,

terrified by the roar of enemy planes.

Mariupol stands proudly, holds the defence.

It was baptized by the eiteenth sun, its dignity remains,

Mariupol is invincible, its power will grow

12 March 2022

This is the second variant of the Myroslava Iltyo poetry. Our volunteers separately decided to translate it, and we decided that both variants deserve to be here – Mar 14, 2022

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