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"I will never come back there to Vancouver," – former Canadian, who immigrated to Uk

EDITORIAL NOTE: We received this letter from former Vancouver resident and businessman Tom Hrynkiw. For the last several years he lives in Ukraine, where he started a business, building houses using Canadian technology. Here he shares his perspectives with former Ukrainian-Canadian compatriots.


Tom Hrynkiw (Lviv, Ukraine)

Tom Hrynkiw

Hi,  my name is  Tom Hrynkiw.  I lived in Vancouver, BC and many know me well. So now what I see is there are lots of people there who still live in the past.

Yes.  I agree that it cannot be forgotten, but learn from this and carry on forward. You guys there need to start thinking on how to help people here. Not just have zabavas, collect money, then fight among  each other to think of what to send here.

I think this is just so the few people could have a free ride to Ukraine.  Sad but true. We do not need more books on our misfortunes,  and definitely do not need your old clothes and toilet seats like some have sent here. What a joke.

Think of helping with cash  and how to improve  the consumption of gas here in the homes,  in the selos. Help with your dances fund raising to make the use of green energy and help build this here. Send a team of good trade workers to build roofs, teach the people here to work more efficiently.

I was born in Toronto, lived in Vancouver now made my way to Lviv Ukraine.  I teach people to work properly, how to build properly and to be ready for the wave of investors that will come once we are in the EU.

I now build many wood homes and have my new Web site – Help me  help the people here. And please no more old clothes, as the people dress well this shows the level of pride here.

What a beautiful place our Ukraine is. With all our help, this country can learn how to stand united.  West, East, North and South.

Enough of how to hate some people, how to hate the government,  how about  how to believe in ourselves and to let the whole world know. That it is what it is but it’s our Ukraine and we do not and will not be slaves to anyone any more. This is  America, Russia, and the EU.

I will never come back there to Vancouver, Canada, lots to do here, teach here, and to get connected with our roots.

Thanks for opening this site of yours. Hi to my old friends from Vancouver and get to work and help us in a positive way.

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