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I love everyone

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Yes, of course, this rage is essential on the line of fire – after all, it is the engine of survival!

But – all the rest – imagine transforming hatred into Love and sending it each time to our soldiers, volunteers, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, doctors, the President, victims, relatives… 

This is a huge force multiplied by a million!!

Those scoundrels do not deserve a single drop of our strength and emotions. 

Our country and our people need this strength and emotions 🙏

So, every time curses slip out, just stop and say: “I Love Ukraine, I Love my family, each of us will find someone to send Love to now” 💙💛

Because everything Ukrainians are doing now is possible only with Great Love for each other and for their land 🇺🇦

I love everyone 💕 

05 of March 2022

Ukrainian Text by Liliya Vyazovskaya. Translated into English by Ukrainianvancouver team – Mar 06, 2022

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