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Local Vancouver initiative. Funds gathered will be used to provide non-lethal support to Ukraine’s defenders. This includes, but is not limited to: medical supplies, body armour, helmets, and radiocommunication devices. Funds will also be used to support the evacuation, and meet the daily needs of vulnerable members of society that are forced to evacuate including the elderly, sickly, and war amputees.


Based in New Westminster, BC. Providing daily prayerful support of our people in Ukraine sacrificing their lives, fighting for freedom, independence while showcasing to the world what it means to be Ukrainian. Purchasing and delivering medical supplies directly to Ukraine, where it is needed most. Finding and covering costs of housing, childcare for women and children who fled the war-afflicted Ukraine and are able to get to Vancouver.




Your support will help Ukraine’s heroes to defend their country. The FUDF Fund, organized by the League of Ukrainian Canadians and the League of Ukrainian Canadian Women, has supported the servicemen and women of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. FUDF Fund has raised over $3,000,000 and provided defensive body armour, medical supplies, hygiene products and other humanitarian assistance necessities.


The Ukraine Humanitarian Relief Committee has been established jointly by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress and the Canada Ukraine Foundation to formalize a coordinated approach in providing humanitarian assistance quickly and efficiently to those in need in Ukraine to address any further aggression by Russia.


The Government of Canada will match all eligible donations – not exceeding $100,000 made by individual Canadians to the Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal between Feb. 24, 2022, and March 18, 2022, up to a maximum of $10 million. Money raised will enable the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement to respond to humanitarian needs generated by this current crisis.




Our Foundation stands with the Ukrainian Armed Forces by funding purely defensive initiatives. Since 2014, we have supplied nearly 1,000 thermal scopes and over 250 reconnaissance drones. Along with this material support, we’ve supported technological advancements with 1,500 tablets containing «Armor» artillery calculation software. Our organization does not use funds to buy weaponry. Our mission is purely to supply technology, training, and ammunition to help save the lives of Ukrainians and help our soldiers defend Ukraine.

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