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Do you want to kill?

There was an unexpected and maybe a little harsh (but considering the circumstances) ethics lesson. Nana, who turned seven the other day, asked me (suddenly), “Could it be that it’s not the Russians’ fault, but it’s just Putin who gives the orders?”

Firstly, it came as a shock to me because my child was growing up in an atmosphere of good manners, love, and, so to speak, crystal-clear Russophobia. She is that only person in a taxi who, while you are all embarrassed, will say to the driver: “SORRY, SIR, WOULD YOU PLEASE SWITCH OFF THIS RUSSIAN SONG?” She knows that stray cats are scared because they were offended by the Russians. She knows that her art teacher speaks Russian because his parents were so afraid of the Russians that they forced him to become a Russian himself. And then suddenly such an assumption! This is bullsh*t, isn’t it? Something had to be done. So I took a knife, gave it to my child, and said, “Go and kill Raoul” (the neighbor's dog she plays with). The child, of course, said no.

“I will never give you sweets again in your life if you don’t kill this dog.”

“I don’t need any candy in my life.”

“Well, then go and kill a worm.”

“I can’t, it’s a living thing.”

“I forbid you to watch cartoons for three years.”

“I don’t need it anyway.”

“You see? If you don’t want to kill, then even I, your mother, can’t force you to. But Putin is not their mother, they do not even know him personally.”

“But why do they want to kill, then?”

“I do not know. Nobody knows. Once we understand, the world will be better forever. But it is unlikely to happen tomorrow. Maybe you will find the answer.”

Ukrainian Text by Kateryna Mola, translated into English by Ukrainianvancouver team — Apr 20, 2022

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