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Discovering Unity! 2017 CYMK Youth Convention

Special Event For Youth Leaders And Youth Workers

“Discovering Unity! 2017 Youth Convention”

Winnipeg, MB

CYMK-UOY (Спілка Української Молоді Канади – Ukrainian Orthodox Youth) National Executive launches a 5-day innovative convention program at the Biennial National Ukrainian Self-Reliance League (USRL) Convention, designed specifically for youth interested in starting and improving a youth group at their parish, as well as for adults dedicated to youth programming.

Hosted at the Delta Hotel in downtown Winnipeg, the program features a series of workshop sessions including financial management skills, promotion and advertising skills, and conflict resolution skills. The program runs Wednesday August 9, 2017 through Sunday, August 13, 2017, culminating in a mass-choir at the Divine Liturgy. Young men and women ages 13-22+ are invited to participate, as well as parish youth workers, parish council presidents, parish priests, and current CYMK advisors. This event is an opportunity to form new relationships, share ideas and common interests, and join efforts in creating a vibrant youth program.

Registration costs are all-inclusive (activities and meals). Youth registration is $290 and adult registration is $390. A block of hotel rooms is reserved for a discounted rate of $145 +taxes. See to register and for more information.

About CYMK-Ukrainian Orthodox Youth

The event is organized and hosted by CYMK- the Ukrainian Orthodox Youth group of Canada, established in 1931. Their aim is to foster hard-working young people of the Ukrainian Orthodox community into leaders with a strong base in their faith, culture and ties to their community. All local youth groups are active members of their parishes, whether donating money for windows, vestments, chandeliers, or orphanages, or planning and leading social-events for the parish.

“The Convention is an event that everyone needs to experience at least once! Not only do attendees get to explore a new city and new people, but they get to experience the ties that bring people together in close community…” Liza Zienchuk, National CYMK-UOY President

With an enriching and uplifting environment, the Convention is an excellent opportunity where youth can connect and experience the power of being united in a family of volunteer organizations. All who attend return home inspired to start their own service projects. Register today!

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