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Canada will provide humanitarian assistance of $15 million to those affected by the crisis in Ukrain

April 27, 2015 – Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine – Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada

With the continued aggression and provocation on the part of the Putin regime, many Ukrainians in the conflict zone require humanitarian assistance. These affected civilians are suffering food insecurity and displacement from their homes because of this conflict. The Honourable Chris Alexander, Minister for Citizenship and Immigration, on behalf of the Honourable Christian Paradis, Minister of International Development and La Francophonie, today announced that humanitarian assistance funding of $15 million will be provided to respond to the immediate needs of crisis-affected Ukrainians. This assistance includes improved access to water, shelter and health, hygiene and protection services.

Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander

Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexande

“The Ukrainian people have been suffering from the invasion of their homeland and the ensuing armed conflict, leaving many of them highly vulnerable,” said Minister Alexander. “Canada’s support will help ensure that life-saving humanitarian assistance is provided to those who live in the most affected regions of Ukraine.”

“Canada stands in solidarity with the Ukranian people as they suffer because of the continued provocation of the Putin regime,” said Minister Paradis. “Our government is dedicated to helping the thousands of Ukrainians who have suffered in conflict-affected areas and continue to suffer due to the lack of food, clean water and shelter.”

Canada will continue working with its allies to ensure a sovereign, unified and secure Ukraine.

Quick Facts

Since the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine in late 2013, Canada has been at the forefront of supporting Ukraine’s efforts to restore stability and implement democratic and economic reforms.

In 2014, Ukraine was reconfirmed as a country of focus for Canada’s international development efforts.

The contribution announced today follows $3 million in humanitarian assistance funding provided in 2014, bringing Canada’s total response to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine to $18 million.

Since January 2014, the Government of Canada has announced over $578 million in assistance to Ukraine, which includes support for economic stabilization, democracy and human rights, humanitarian assistance and security. This also includes two $200-million low-interest loans to help the Government of Ukraine stabilize its economy.

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