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Canada – here we are! 125th Anniversary of Ukrainian Immigration

Ukrainian Canadian Congress, Media Release

Canada has the third largest population of ethnic Ukrainians behind Ukraine and Russia. Canadians born in Canada, of Ukrainian heritage, make up 3.7% of our population. Where did they all come from originally?

The first major immigration of 170,000 rural farmers came primarily from Galicia and Bukovina in western Ukraine. Ivan Pylypiw and Wasyl Eleniak, who arrived in 1891, are generally considered the first two Ukrainian immigrants to Canada. Immigration grew substantially after 1896 as Canada promoted the immigration of farmers from Eastern Europe.

The second wave of immigrants followed WWI, who continued to settle in the Prairies. After the end of WWII many Ukrainians who were displaced in Europe found a home in Canada and settled in Ontario and Quebec. This made up the third wave of immigrants. With the fall of the USSR, many Ukrainians from all over Ukraine, decided to immigrate to Canada to reunite with families or look for a better future for themselves and their families.

Most Ukrainian Canadians can trace their roots back to one of these 4 major waves. Which one represents your family? Who in your family took the giant leap and moved to Canada? When and how did they get here?

Search through your photo albums and find the one photo that represents your family’s journey to the new country – Canada.

Our cumulative task is to find 125 photos of new Canadians, who decided to call Canada home. We are looking for one photo to represent various years and decades of this history. This will be a wonderful time capsule and a chance to have your family represented in this commemorative photo stream.

Please look for the “CANADA- HERE WE ARE” photo Project.

Search – for your favourite photo representing you or a family member arriving to Canada.

Write- tell us something about the photo- who, when, what were the circumstances, place of arrival and settlement.

Send – email this photo and information electronically to Lesia Demkowicz in Winnipeg at: or

PLEASE STAY TUNED FOR the Photo Gallery to come.

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