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11 broken doors

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

11 broken doors were put near the Russian Embassy in Kyiv. The same doors stand near the Russian Embassy in Warsaw. And near the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. This is a reminder of 130 Ukrainians who are either waiting for a Russian trial or have already been convicted. Their fault is that they stand for Ukraine. And that they were too close to Russia. These broken doors are a reminder of how Russia is behaving. It is trying to appropriate everything that is not sufficiently protected. It considers everything its own. Putin is a typical school bully. He is strong until someone punches him in the teeth. 8 years ago, I was confused. I saw very few people who knew what to be prepared for and what to do. Nowadays, there are many more such people. Almost all. Some of you have undergone basic medical training. Someone – the military one. Some just have changed their daily routine to refuse something Russian. I'm pleased. I love you, brothers and sisters. I see your confidence. And it makes me confident. Now we are ready to punch Putin in his teeth. We are prepared better than ever. We are strong and we are cohesive. People stop discussing political preferences. Everyone clearly sees and understands that the enemy is Russia. There are no more enemies today. As for politicians, I don't care how you are eating each other on the sidelines of your snake nests. You must show unity in public. And your actions must be consolidated. We have one enemy – Russia. Putin is not ringing the bell. He breaks the door down. And he will keep doing it until someone breaks his leg in great pain.

FEBRUARY 22 (two days before the war)

Ukrainian Text by Michael Schur (Roman Vitoniv), translated into English by Ukrainianvancouver team – Mar 04, 2022

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