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Різдвяне привітання

Fr. Roman, Pastor   Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral (Vancouver)

CHRIST IS BORN! “How shall I describe this great mystery? For the incorporeal has become incarnate. The word took unto Himself the density of the flesh. The Unseen is seen, the Untouchable is touched, the Beginning-less begins, and the Son of God becomes of the son of man; yea, Jesus Christ Himself who is the same yesterday, today and unto all the ages.”

When Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea – Heaven proclaimed His Glory. The Angels sang “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men” (Luke 2:14). When the shepherds saw and heard, they went to Bethlehem to find the Newborn Saviour of mankind.

They were seeking Him and Him alone, not men of wealth, but simple down to earth people. They told the world what they found and how they received the first news from Heaven, about the King of Kings – Lord and Saviour of mankind, who was promised to the world from the beginning of time. They found Him in a stable – not in a palace; in a manger wrapped in swaddling clothes, not in rich robes.

The wise men from the Far East were seeking Him, and the heavenly star led them to Him. They brought three symbols of riches of humanity: Gold – the treasures of the wealthy, Myrrh – peace and contentment of mankind, Incense – prayerful state, spiritual peace.

The enemies of Christ were seeking to destroy Him. Herod and his army sought Him by slaying 14,000 innocent infants and children up to two years of age. For centuries the advocates of Herod were seeking to destroy him, and continue to try to destroy Him today.

As we are reminded of this great miracle of His Birth, let us be like the poor shepherds who came to pay homage to Him. Let us be like the wise men who brought Him worldly gifts. Let us seek Him and take Him into our hearts for ourselves, our families, and everyone around us. May His Glory be proclaimed through the whole world, and may He dwell among us forever.

God bless you with good health, mush success and joy in the festive season and throughout the 2012 New Year.

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