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Маланка в Українському Товаристві Івана Франка

Запрошуємо відсвяткувати український Новий Рік – Маланку разом з Товариством ім. Фвана Франка, що у Річмонді.

Час: 10 січня 2015 року, субота

Aдреса: Український Центр ім. Івана Франка, 5311 Francis Road, Richmond BC, тел. 604-274-4119

Розважальна програма: коктейлі та перекуски, традиційний український обід, розваги та танці від популярного гурту S-Bahn та ін.

Квитки: 65$, для сеньорів (65+) 55$

Більше інформації:

Ukrainian New Year’s celebration will be held January 10, 2015 at The Ukrainian Centre (5311 Francis Road, Richmond, BC).

We celebrate Malanka starting with cocktails, and a traditional dinner followed by Ukrainian entertainment and then dancing for everyone to a live band, S-Bahn who are returning for another exciting evening of Malanka festivity!

Advance tickets go on sale November 1, and are only available through The Ukrainian Centre. They will go quickly, so don’t miss out!

Adult $65, Seniors (65 and older) $55.

Champagne, door prizes, semi-formal attire.

Everyone is welcome – Bring a crowd! Tables of 8 can be reserved for your group.

Champagne, door prizes, semi-formal attire.

For tickets please call the Society (604-274-4119) or e-mail- and someone will get back to you.

Background information:

Malanka (Ukrainian New Year’s Eve) is celebrated every January on the 13th, according to the Julian calendar.

It is rich in ancient ritual, folklore and magic. The ancestors of Ukrainians believed that on New Year’s Eve, good and evil spirits descended on the earth. In order to ward off the evil forces and ensure a bountiful new year, the night was spent in dancing, partaking of a lavish and ritualistic meal, fortune telling, courting, casting of spells and singing carols of well wishes called Shchedrivky.

We may not believe in the old myths, or carry on ancient traditions, but what better way to bring in a new year than to celebrate with excellent food, exceptional entertainment in the company of close friends and legendary Ukrainian hospitality.

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