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In order to meet the challenge of these dark times, we are called upon to not only be leaders in our communities, but to be leaders on the world stage. While the defenders of Ukraine have inspired awe with their indomitable spirit, strength and courage, we must take up their cause abroad to make sure they receive the assistance they need to defeat a brutal, senseless invasion. We can lead the world in the provision of humanitarian aid, support for refugees, donations and volunteer efforts; we can be leaders of peace. Today, Ukrainian people not only defend their homeland, but also fight for European values and global security. While they risk sacrificing their lives in this struggle, we can do our part to assist them.


Every dollar matters—it can make a life-saving difference for someone.

We have collected a lot of donations, but we need even more! Canadians are working together to collect funds! The most reliable local and global organizations assist with the purchase of life-saving goods right NOW!

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Every minute matters

We are working and creating together: our work has already brought more than 100 000 CAD.
United effort gives the best effect.

Even the smallest help matters

Ukrainians were forced to flee and now they are in need of even ordinary and basic things. You can make a difference in the lives of arriving families through your volunteering and your gifts.

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Help Ukraine: О нас
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