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The B.C. government has launched a new phone line to ensure Ukrainians fleeing violence who are arriving in B.C. have access to the services they need. The Service BC phone line, 1-800-663-7867, will be available with translation services in Ukrainian, Russian and 140 other languages from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT every day.

The line is in place to help people arriving from Ukraine and their families in locating and accessing the services they need, such as employment, health-care, housing, and education.


Ukrainian Displaced Assistance Program (UDAP) is a community-based volunteer initiative that was developed in response to the war in Ukraine and over 4 million Ukrainians who flee to safety.

Ukrainian UDAP is supported by Maple Hope Foundation, a registered BC non-for-profit organization.


Змінити мову можна тут:


UDAP primarily for


This program is designed for Ukrainian people who arrive to Canada due to the war in Ukraine and program main priority are:

  1. Women with children

  2. Single women

  3. Ukrainian families with under school-age children

  4. Ukrainian youth, high school and college students 

Other categories of Ukrainians might be considered if there are available resources for help.


To apply to this program you should be Ukrainian Citizen and live in Ukraine before war starts. You should have purchased tickets to Vancouver or arrived already in Vancouver after February 24 2022.

UDAP lines of the help

Because it's volunteer based initiative and our recourses are limited we can provide only next help:

  • Translation services,

  • Short-term housing,

  • SIN and MSP applications,

  • Job search and job matching, resume review,

  • Academic and career advising,

  • ESL registration,

  • College, and university registration.

Due to a growing request for applications and limited volunteer resources, UDAP might not be able to meet all applicant needs.

Provide housing
Other help
Provide a job
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